Prophetess Juanita Bynum, a popular TBN regular, was a featured seller on the Home Shopping Network Saturday. Dressed in a stunning long white gown, Ms. Bynum was captivating to watch as she peddled her $500 emergency prayer kit, complete with a Hebrew prayer shawl, a small vial of anointing oil, and gospel teaching tapes. Amazingly, in the first hour the profiteer sold more than 3,500 kits, with the charmed ease of a seasoned and shrewd used car saleswoman.

But as she began the second hour, repeatedly using the spiel ?This powerful intercessory package has become mandated by God to become a primary weapon in your personal prayer arsenal! Your emergency kit contains everything you need to discover true power in prayer! ?Buy one, or even two, now today!? thus saith the Lord,? suddenly a stack of nearby prayer kits caught fire. Within seconds, the entire set was consumed by flames. Luckily, everyone survived the accident, although the prayer kits were all destroyed.

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