THis isn't smack, but I wanted to help put an end to all the feuding of the scg attendances. It is true that JSU and Southern has lead the nation and swac in attendance. It is true that Southern and JSU having winning programs. It is true that SU and JSU's 1999 scg I attendance was right at 50,000 and the swac office was elated over these numbers. It is true that scg II, II and IV attendances haven't pleased the swac office and that everyone wonder what if Southern or Jackson State were involved. Too many people are constantly arguing about attendance but for those who don't want to believe that an SU/JSU match up is hugh, here are some facts
scg I SU vs JSU--50,000 1999 SU/JSU regular season 55,000
scg II aamu/gsu-30,000 2000 su/jsu regular season 45,000
scg III bama st/gsu-38,000 2001 su/jsu reg. season 39,000
(IN heavy rain)
scg IV aamu/gsu---23,000 2002 su/jsu reg. season 38,000

THe point is let's stop arguing about this topic, because the facts are there JSU/SU regular season games have toppled scgII, III and IV. Therefore it is a fact that JSU/SU matchup will only benefit the entire swac. IF Su and JSu can muster over 40,000 in regular season, image what a major classic or championship game would be like. This isn't to put down aamu, bama st and grambling. I just hope that this will help you all stop arguing and face the facts.