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Over the last 5 years they have been to 3 Finals and won one championship. Or do you mean over the last 2 years? LOL
Correction: The Lakers won two champonships (Boston and Orlando).

Anyhoot, my point was that Lakers management has done a poor job over the last 5 years managing this team. The team went to three NBA Finals and won two of them despite the front office. I'll give them and Jerry West credit for getting Pau Gasol. I also like the fact that they went out and got Ron Artest. After winning a championship with Trevor Ariza against Orlando everybody knew the Celtics would be in the Finals the next year. The Lakers had to get tougher somewhere on the floor to try and slow down the Big Three as a whole. Artest was just what the doctor ordered. However, my problem with his signing was it was too long of a deal for a guy who was tough (and it showed against his playoff opponents defensively) but obviously slower. Why sign a guy thats slowing down to a 5 year deal like that? Moves like that and the aforementioned Luke Walton and Sasha Vujacic deals, as JState83 has alluded to, is the reason the team is a mess right now.

Derek Fisher -I was shocked as hell when they signed him to a 3 year $10M deal after the 2010 season. Money not being the issue (and I love Derek Fisher) but signing a 36 year point guard who really was dead weight on both ends of the court to a 3 yr deal was a bad move. Worse than anything I could understand if it was about loyalty and them wanting to take care of him but they signed him to remain the starting point guard all the way til' NOW. Veteran leadership my arse. And then . . . we sign Steve Blake. Great!!! Now we have dead weight and light weight at the PG position.

I'll stop right here. I'm tired but before I go I'll say this. Pau Gasol is a big punk arse that should have been traded. As much as I'd love to be wrong the Lakers don't have a snowballs chance in hell of winning an NBA championship.