For weeks, Daryl Wayne Dotson eluded authorities who were searching for him on charges that he fatally shot two men and set them on fire in a car last month in Dallas.

She was right, police say: It came from Dotson’s mother.

Dotson’s mother and brother are facing felony charges of hindering apprehension or prosecution by helping to move him to Houston and funneling him cash, according to police documents.

The mother, Ursula Colquitt, 46, had not been arrested Tuesday.

For two other mothers, the fact that Colquitt may have been helping her son hide added to their grief.

“How can a mother sit there and condone what her son has done?” said Sheila Cooks, mother of victim Steven Govan, 20, of DeSoto.

Daryl Dotson was being held in the Dallas County Jail on Tuesday on two charges of capital murder. His bail was set at $2 million.

Dallas police believe Dotson, Nathan Jovan Scott, 18, and Debanair Kethon Wynn, 17, all of Dallas, fatally shot Williams and Govan during a drug house robbery Dec. 18 in the 4800 block of South Denley Drive. They then wrapped the victims’ bodies in blankets, stuffed them in the trunk of a car and drove them to a secluded area of Red Bird, where they set the car on fire, police said.

According to police documents, homicide Detective Dwayne Thompson met with Colquitt at Jack Evans Police Headquarters after the slayings and told her that her son was wanted on two capital murder charges.

Investigators learned that on Dec. 21, Dotson’s brother had arranged for him to stay in Houston with acquaintances who initially did not know that he was a fugitive.

The people housing Dotson eventually learned that he was wanted for murder and called his brother and mother to express their anger, police said.

Golden Dotson admitted to police that he and Colquitt helped his brother evade authorities.
At least 5 other people will be facing charges for hiding not only this guy but the other two and this boy just had his probation revoked for 2 other crimes the month before. How he was still out of jail then is beyond me.