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  1. SU vs jSU

    Quote Originally Posted by SUjagTILLiDIE View Post
    Cox's tv schedule is showing the JSU vs SU game being played in BR. That's incorrect unless something has been changed.
  2. Pictures from the Alcorn State & Virginia University at Lynchburg

    As always....great pics.
  3. Record crowd expected when SU returns to Cajun Field

    Quote Originally Posted by JAG89 View Post
    Y'all better enjoy these Mississippi pre-historic sea creatures while you can, because after the first 2 or 3 weeks, they'll go back to their dark aquifer caves in the ground until the next season.

    I still can't believe when they first came out of the ground, they wanted a modern day 50k domed stadium paid for by the great citizens of the State of Mississippi.
    But everybody is worried about JSU.
  4. Jackie Robinson West headed to World Series.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jag-BR View Post
    Rematch with Vegas.
    Awesome game being played

    Bottom or 5th

    Nevada 5
    Chicago 5

    Nevada's 6'2 pitcher is finished for the day.
  5. 107 report to Southern

    Quote Originally Posted by Jax View Post
    107 report to Southern

    Friday is the first official day of preseason football practice for Southern.

    But its really just a resumption of the work the Jaguars have been doing during the summer.

    Well just be adding a helmet, senior defensive back Jaleel Richardson said as the team reported Thursday afternoon. Its same ole, same ole.

    Of course, the coaching staff is being added
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